LiveAboardHUB is the most complete low cost, feature rich liveaboard display system!
Developed in collaboration with the world’s leading dive travel experts LiveAboardHUB is the only system to address the actual requirements of all dive travel companies.

Customise your displays

  • Maintain and display your LiveAboardHUB listings in your house style

  • Custom maintain your prices to be displayed in the way you want

  • LiveAboardHUB displays and searches by dive areas as well as location, availability, dates and prices

  • Use our boat, route and dive site information or custom display your own photos and create your own content in any language

  • Seamlessly link all levels of your LiveAboardHUB displays to other pages in your website

Efficient maintenance

No more time-consuming trip-by-trip updates of your displays. Use our mass maintenance functions to edit your lists quickly and efficiently.


Bookings take place on your website: only you have access to your client and booking information.

What can LiveAboardHUB deliver to ME?

What else does LiveAboardHUB do for ME?

Projects your individual image:

You’ve worked hard to develop your own company image and identity and want that individuality displayed in your liveaboard schedules.

With LiveAboardHUB you can tailor make your listings to match and enhance your own look and feel. Easy to use display templates are complimented by a CSS override tool… your image in your hands!

Cuts maintenance to a minimum:

Time is money in business and LiveAboardHub can save you both!

Our unique mass editors allow price, category, availability and offer display information of 100’s of trips to be adjusted at the same time.

What’s this going to cost me?

LiveAboardHub is the most competitively priced schedule display system on the market.

An entry level account begins from € 20 per month while a serious liveaboard agent can expect to be paying much less than € 2 per boat per month with complete system functionality!

LiveAboardHUB clients at this level will be paying at least 30% less than those using far simpler systems.

The next step…

Please contact us for more information via or register directly at our log-in page.

We will manually approve your log-in request so it may take up to 24 hours to activate. Your password remains secret and only visible to yourself.

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Is LiveAboardHUB tried and tested?

The display system has been in full time use since January 2019 on the websites of the following companies