For liveaboard VESSEL OWNERS

LiveAboardHUB is the best low maintenance, high return vehicle to market your boats within the worldwide dive travel market!
Intense consultation with the dive travel industry’s leading experts has produced the most effective sales vehicle for both travel companies you, the liveaboard owner.

  • Automatically import and update the schedules and availabilities of your boats to be displayed directly to the dive marketplace

  • Enjoy the option of manually maintaining your boat, cabin, route and dive site content for display on agency websites

  • Display your own liveaboard listings on your own company website inyour house style

  • Now promote your trips based on routes and dive areas as well as your unique liveaboard attributes!

  • Guaranteed publication of your boats in many of the world’s leading tour company websites

  • 100% free, no costs!

Getting Started with LiveAboardHub in 3 Easy Steps!

Step1: Register with LiveAboardHub

Please “register as a fleet or boat owner” on the page.

We will manually approve your log-in request so it may take up to 24 hours to activate. Your password remains secret and only visible to yourself.

Register at LiveAboardHUB

Step2: Get to know your own LiveAboardHub environment

If your boat is being displayed already by LiveAboardHUB then please take some time to acquaint yourself with the information about your company, boat(s) and routes.

If your boat is new to the system you can use our easy CMS to upload the information about your boat or fleet ready for public display.

Step3: Schedules

To ensure ease of use for the fleet owners we have developed various ways for a boat or fleet owner to upload and update their schedules on LiveAboardHUB:

There are 5 methods to update your schedules in LiveAboardHub

List of fleets available on LiveAboardHub (monthly update)

Adelaar cruises

Aggressor Fleet

All Star Liveaboards



Amis des Maldives

Andaman Scuba

Aqua Tiki

Aquarius Red Sea

Aquaventure Liveaboard

Atlantis Azores

Barakuda Diving Team


Bilikiki Cruises

Blue Force Fleet

Blue Horizon

Blue O Two

Blue Ocean

Blue Planet Liveaboards

Calico Jack

Calipso Dive Galapagos

Carpe Diem Maldives Pvt. Ltd.


Deep Blue Egypt

Dewi Nusantara

Discovery Egypt

Diving Attitude

Eco Pro Divers

Emperor Divers

Explorer Fleet

Explorer Venture Fleet


Gaia Love

Galapagos Sky

Galatea Diving Cruises

Golden Dolphin Safari World

Grand Komodo

Heaven Saphir


King Snefro Liveaboards

Lucy Djibouti


Master Fleet


Mermaid Liveaboards

Misool Eco Resort

Moana Cruising

MV Keana


Nautilus Fleet Mexico

Nautilus Maldives

Ocean Hunter

Oceane’s Dream


Oceanos Safari



Pelagic Fleet

Pico Sport




Ray test

Royal Evolution



Sea Bees

Sea Serpent Fleet

Seawolf Fleet

Seven Seas Red Sea


Silhouette Cruises

Siren Fleet

Solitude liveaboards

Spirit of Freedom

Spirit of Niugini


Sunshine liveboards



Undersea Hunter Fleet

Wallacea Dive Cruises

World Wide Dive and Sail

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