The powerful liveaboard schedule

LiveAboardHub is a powerful liveaboard schedule display application.
LiveAboardHub has been developed by an international group of tour operators and boat owners to meet the actual demands of the dive travel market.

LiveAboardHub live

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For liveaboard VESSEL OWNERS

LiveAboardHUB is the best low maintenance, high return vehicle to market your boats within the worldwide dive travel market!
Intense consultation with the dive travel industry’s leading experts has produced the most effective sales vehicle for both travel companies you, the liveaboard owner.

  • Automatically import and update the schedules and availabilities of your boats to be displayed directly to the dive marketplace

  • Enjoy the option of manually maintaining your boat, cabin, route and dive site content for display on agency websites

  • Display your own liveaboard listings on your own company website inyour house style

  • Now promote your trips based on routes and dive areas as well as your unique liveaboard attributes!

  • Guaranteed publication of your boats in many of the world’s leading tour company websites

  • 100% free, no costs!


LiveAboardHUB is the most complete low cost, feature rich liveaboard display system!
Developed in collaboration with the world’s leading dive travel experts LiveAboardHUB is the only system to address the actual requirements of all dive travel companies.

Customise your displays

  • Maintain and display your LiveAboardHUB listings in your house style

  • Custom maintain your prices to be displayed in the way you want

  • LiveAboardHUB displays and searches by dive areas as well as location, availability, dates and prices

  • Use our boat, route and dive site information or custom display your own photos and create your own content in any language

  • Seamlessly link all levels of your LiveAboardHUB displays to other pages in your website

Efficient maintenance

No more time-consuming trip-by-trip updates of your displays. Use our mass maintenance functions to edit your lists quickly and efficiently.


Bookings take place on your website: only you have access to your client and booking information.

Is LiveAboardHUB tried and tested?

The display system has been in full time use since January 2019
on the websites of the following companies

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